Addiction of Flying

ImageGaruda Indonesia in Ngurah Rai Airport: Photo by Fitri H Pramudita



Hi there,

Greetings from sunny Jogjakarta, it’s really damn hot with 38 degree Celsius here and I wonder when the rainy season will eventually come to chill down. Ah speaking of rain, I suddenly get mellow melancholic—again. It’s been a very tough weeks for me with tons of assignments, but honestly I really like it. My job is getting so much interesting lately with the necessity to fly around to several magnificent places. Last week I had to fly to Bali and Lombok, and even if was just three days flying and running rampant—I’d say it was just great! Finally I’m returned to Bali and Lombok after years! Yay!

I was in Bali for serious meetings—and I mean really serious as we’re arranging a new flight route between Bali and Denpasar to boost more visitors especially from China. We have been witnessed positive trends from China outbound to Indonesia and now China visitors are in the second rank outranking Japan who is now at the third place. As China outbound growing positively, we are pitching more Chinese traveler to Indonesia, so we are now gearing up in conducting more cooperation with travel industry in attracting more visitors to Indonesia.

As my Boss had to fly to Lombok for another meeting, I had to replace him in ultra-serious meeting with expert of travel industries in Bali. I was so scared, as I’m just a junior staff with no more than three years experience and dealing with top gun in travel industries. I feel like the kid at the adult table. But my Boss had brief me and told me that I had to be able to take the big step if I want to develop myself. So with extra nervous at the beginning, I slowly regain my confidence and win the meeting. Yay!

I always fascinated with airplane and flying around, indeed I am. Even now I had been in tons of flight experiences, I always enjoy every minutes of it. Starting when the airplane taking off to the horizon, even it bumping around of the turbulence, and landed to the ground—I did enjoy every minutes of it. For me traveling is not just about where we are going, but how we enjoy the process itself. So yeah, I’m gonna enjoy every minutes of it. Ciao!


ImageWings Air landed in Lombok Praya International Airport. Photo by Fitri H Pramudita


If You Love Me, Won’t You Let Me Know?



“Violet Hill”


Was a long and dark December
From the rooftops I remember
There was snow
White snow

Clearly I remember
From the windows they were watching
While we froze down below

When the future’s architectured
By a carnival of idiots on show
You’d better lie low

If you love me
Won’t you let me know?

Was a long and dark December
When the banks became cathedrals
And the fog became God

Priests clutched onto bibles
Hollowed out to fit their rifles
And the cross was held aloft

Bury me in honor
When I’m dead and hit the ground
A love back home it unfolds

If you love me
Won’t you let me know?

I don’t want to be a soldier
Who the captain of some sinking ship
Would stow, far below

So if you love me
Why’d you let me go?

I took my love down to violet hill
There we sat in snow
All that time she was silent still

So if you love me
Won’t you let me know?

If you love me,
Won’t you let me know?


Put A Ring on It!

Hey, I just bought myself a beautiful big-rock-ring (my colleagues said that its too sparkling for daily use)–but I don’t care. I basically like the biggest rock, and even better it create radiance spark so I really like it. Honestly there is a sad story behind it.

Long time ago, I’ve asked my boyfriend to propose me with a big rock wedding engagement but he never did that. He’s obviously not a romantic boyfriend, and in fact he’s obviously a straight forward person so when he come up with wedding plan he just said ‘lets have a wedding in bla bla bla, my plan is actually bla bla bla bla and no wedding engagement,  no romantic cliche with dinner and flowers, no such thing like that. It was all business and done we’ve signed the contract and agreed to get married. 

I know that my boyfriend loves me, even he didn’t give me the romantic dreams that I always dream about. In his opinion, being romantic is being able to stand by me, no matter what happened, and he prove that. Even with fucking 512 km distance between us, I can always reach him whenever I want it.

So it wasn’t shock me, if up to this day, he never get me the beautiful ring that I always dream about. Sad huh? Yep.

Then last night I took a picture of my new ring, and sent it to him–just want to show that I am actually able to buy myself a fancy ring–that he won’t buy. So my boyfriend called and said “baby, I just want to save the big ring for the big day, you know it has to mean something, like you baby”. Oh wow, that was really mind blowing and he win again, and I didn’t get the ring again! DAMN! But hey, he said that he’ll get me at my wedding day, so no need to worry, huh?  Cheers!

Hello World!

“A simple plot. But I know one day good things are coming our way”


My last post was in January 2013, gosh that was a very long time ago! I was busy and lazy this year, and really I haven’t achieved anything significant this year. But oh I did change as I decided to wear hijab this year. Why? I don’t know, really. I got a lot of questions from my colleagues why did I suddenly wear hijab, to be honest I simply don’t know. The first time I decided to wear it, and it was seems right and comfortable so I continue to wear it up to these days.

Other than that, my live is just the same boring routine, the same conflict LDR, the same workplace with the same daily routine and so on. Compared to last year, this year is just all boring. Honestly I’m waiting for miracle to happen this year, whether its the opportunity to continue my study or move on to better workplace. I did try to make it happen, but haven’t get any result.

And oh, I hope next month will be amazing, because it will be the first time for me to come to a magical place–where all the dreams come true. But I won’t tell ya, until its final because I don’t want to jinx it. Cheerio!


Because Talk is Cheap

pulau umang

It is already the second day in January 2013, and I haven’t figure out my goal or 2013 resolution. Does it really matter? I don’t know. I have set up my goals in previous year, and unfortunately—despite the fact that I have done my best—some goals are not achieved and those were the biggest goals that I have and wish to achieve. My biggest goal is to continue my study, and now I have figure out what to study—Tourism Management, I still haven’t paved my way to continue my study. I know, I know, I know that’s pretty much weird considering I was studying International Relations before and now deciding to take Tourism Management.

To be a Minister of Tourism was my dream when I was kid, yep no joking that was my lame ambition when I was kid when every kids wants to be a president, astronauts, doctor, or another cool jobs. Since I was kid, I always impressed by the basic idea of tourism: the greatness idea of traveling! I spent my childhood in Temanggung and that’s pretty much explain why I have a great desire to travel around, to witness and to feel the great places before I die. However, I couldn’t pursue my dream to study deeper about tourism because my parents think there is no future in tourism industry—because they didn’t know as we are coming from small town called Temanggung and didn’t witness the greatness of tourism industry.

But my curiosity in tourism finally answered when I was unintentionally—I was applying for a research position before but then accepted in Visit Indonesia Tourism Officer (VITO) Coordinating Team on behalf of Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy Republic of Indonesia. VITO is Indonesian tourism representatives in 13 countries (this year we have 14 with the new one in New York). I work specifically as the Person in Charge in East Asia Market. To serve as VITO Coordinating Team give me the real flavor and challenge of tourism. Two years working as VITO is the real adrenaline challenge for me. I have to learn to deal with tourism industry which requires special skills because tourism industry is not like any other industry: we are fun, we are flexible, and challenging. Even to details, I have to learn how to serve people from all over the world! Serving a Japanese is different that serving an American because they have their own culture and custom uniqueness. Every day is a different story, every market requires different approach, every season provides different flavor—that’s how I learn from tourism industry. The more I know about this extravagant industry, the more that I want to know, that’s why I really wants to study Tourism Industry. To know better how to manage tourism in Indonesia, because as we know very well that tourism in Indonesia is still poorly managed. It’s sad but true, one destination get too commercialized and crowded but at the other hand there are too many jewels hidden and poorly managed.

Ahh, I always end up with nothing but talks only, instead of figuring out what is my 2013 resolution I end up talking about tourism. But hey, maybe I could still take that as my 2013 resolution, to try once again to get scholarship and spread my wings, fly away into the bliss. So this is it, my 2013 resolution. I wish I could end this year with a great statement “I’m going, I got the scholarship, boo-yaah!”. Wish me luck!

Who wants to be riding high
When you’ll just crumble
Back on down
You give up everything you are
And even then you don’t get far
They make believe that everything
Is exactly what it seems
But at least
When your at your worst
You know how to feel things

See when hard work
Don’t pay off
And I’m tired
There ain’t no room in my bed
As far as I’m concerned
So wipe that dirty smile off
We won’t be making up
I’ve cried my heart out
And now
I’ve had enough of love

Adele, Right as Rain

Kerlap Kerlip 2012

Ah sudah Desember, dan dalam hitungan hari tahun 2013 akan datang. Beberapa minggu lalu saya sangat berharap untuk dapat skip November dan Desember langsung menuju Januari 2013 karena bagi kami yang bekerja untukpemerintah, bulan November dan Desember itu seperti neraka. Semua proyek dan kegiatan sudah harus diselesaikan sebelum akhir kontrak, dan itu harus dilaksanakan dengan bermalam-malam lembur, merelakan setiap akhir pekan di kantor, memusatkan waktu di kantor, bulan November dan Oktober saya bahkan masuk penuh tanpa libur sabtu-minggu sekali pun. Tapi semua kerja keras ini berbuah manis pada akhirnya, yah seperti lagu Coldplay “Good things are coming our way di Up With the Birds”.

Tahun 2012 mengajarkan banyak hal bagi saya, di tahun ini saya mulai berani untuk berkata TIDAK kepada orang. Dulu saya sangat takut untuk berkata tidak, dan terpaksa melalukan apa saja untuk menyenangkan hati orang, terutama atasan. Tetapi akhirnya saya mulai berani berkata tidak dan mempertahankan argument saya, dan tidak terlindas begitu saja. Tahun 2012 saya jadi lebih mendalami dunia kerja, mulai mengerti politik benar dalam dunia kerja. Beberapa rekan saya memulai karier mereka dengan cara kotor, menyenangkan hati atasan dengan cara apapun—tapi itu sah-sah saja karena pada dasarnya politik memang digunakan untuk mencapai tujuan. Saya mencapainya dengan kerja keras—karena saya tidak terlahir dengan posisi status keluarga penting ataupun uang yang banyak untuk menyenangkan hati atasan. Tahun 2012 ini mengajarkan saya bahwa dengan kerja keras, bicara secukupnya dan mengedapankan hasil ternyata berbuah manis: dapat mengunjungi tempat-tempat yang bahkan tidak saya duga akan dapat dikunjungi: Guangzhou, Beijing dan Tokyo.

Sayangnya dengan terlalu sibuk di kantor pada tahun ini saya melewatkan banyak kesempatan beasiswa dan bahkan tidak punya waktu banyak untuk membuat application letter yang outstanding sehingga hasilnya tetap nihil. Padahal resolusi tahun 2012 saya adalah mendapatkan beasiswa ke luar negeri untuk belajar tourism management. Satu-satunya resolusi tahun 2012 yang tercapai hanyalah mendapatkan GFF Silver dengan mileage diatas 15,000. Simpel sih sebenarnya, tetapi bagi saya ini adalah pencapaian yang berarti—diilhami oleh film Up In The Air yang diperankan George Clooney—semenjak itu saya pengen punya mileage yang banyak. Semoga pada tahun 2012 nanti saya bisa mendapatkan mileage diatas 20,000 jadi bisa kayak George Clooney di Up in The Air yang punya mileage 1,000,000 gitu.

Aniwei, semoga 2012 ini benar-benar bisa ditutup dengan manis dan berharap terbaik untuk tahun 2013 mendatang.

at Sekolah Republik Indonesia Tokyo


visit to Sekolah Republik Indonesia Tokyo

Me and the Tokyo Tower


me and the magnificent Tokyo Tower



At Great Wall with -10 degree celcius

harus menutup muka dan telinga karena suhu -10 derajad Celcius tapi Great Wall memang benar-benar “Great”