Dancing in The Rain

‘Its not about conquering the storm but how to dance in the rain’

I think I’m at the period when I have to think wiser and struggle harder. Indeed life has been hard and frustrating lately but I’m glad that we have managed it together. I used to believe that I need to win every battle but sometime its not always about winning, but sometimes about compromizing or even when the worst time came – just to survive till the next day.

when my father passed away several years ago, I thought that was the hardest time that I will ever have. I thought that is the most painful fear and stress that I will ever have but turns out life gave me more than than.

There were time that we almost give up, there were bunch of time where I cried my eyes out and there were time when I saw him stressed out and almost loose hope. But he always said to me ‘don’t give up, we still have a very long journey honey. we can make it together. you and I, us’ So I stood up once again and rally.

He said ‘someday we’re going to remember this day, someday when we’re old and grey we’re going to remember these stormy rain and felt blessed that we could make it. so don’t give up now’. I knew he was right – but I knew that he was affraid and almost loose hope too.

and I glad that we did make it through. I’m happy that we’re learning to dance in the rain. sometimes its not about winning, but how to dance in the rain.