The First Note

Dear Munchkin,

It’s now November 23, 2014 and you’re just almost three months old in my tummy. Currently on this exact date and time, I was alone in my dorm. Your father is still on his duty, as foreman in one of the most respected oil company. He got one month on duty, and one month holiday. But in this cold November, your father is still away.

Today was our four months anniversary. Yes my dear, your father and I married on August 23, 2014 – the same exact date with your grannie and nennie. When we’re organizing our wedding, your father and I agreed that we want a baby right away. We’ve been dating for eight years, and marriage is another amazing adventure that we’ll do together. So, your father has secured a beautiful house in Yogyakarta so that we’ve could move in together after we got married and start our little family.

Things got slightly complicated when my application to one of the most respected coal mining company got accepted. We never plan to move to Jakarta, but for the good cause – so called a better future, we’ve to Jakarta. So here we are kids, owning a small pavilioun that cost a fortune in the heart of Jakarta.

We’ve cancelled our beautiful little home in Yogyakarta, pack our thingies and start a life in Jakarta. But to life in Jakarta isn’t as simple and humble as in Yogyakarta. Everything come in fierce and struggle. I just started my career in a competely different path than my old career. You see, moving from tourism industry (fun, dynamic, colorful) into coal mining industry (cold, fierce, and serious) is really different. I even got full migraine on my first two weeks. But Munchkin, quit is never in my mind.

So I did anything that I could do to make it better. To struggle and prove that they’ve choose the right person for this job. It ain’t easy, as I have to learn something new everyday, pushed me from my comfort zone. At first I was afraid that I might hurt you in someway as I was really busy. I got no time to take a rest, hell my days was full of running rampant. The worse maybe what they called morning sickness, but to me it was felt like everytime sickness because I tend to puke anytime. I have no apetite to eat, and it seems that all the energies flies to the moon – left me uncharged and weak.

With your father away on his duty, doesn’t made my life easier. I have to struggle alone by myself in this fierce city. But Munchkin, you should remember this – we gotta be tough. Life is no easy. I used to do everything by myself since the day your grand daddy past away. So I hope, you’ll be a stronger person, tough and fierce.

We watch tremendous growth of you, and I feel that you’re growing inside of me. I can feel those tiny but strong heartbeat in my tummy. And those tiny heartbeat has strengthen me.

And your father – though he’s not a romantic type person (seriously, I’ve dated that man for 8 years, and he never did anything romantic during that 8 years) – but you managed to turn him into a romantic father. He said that he miss you much through various phone calls. Always check me whether I’ve taken any vitamin or food for you. And he got really furious when I didn’t eat. Last night he mentioned during our phone call that he wants to see you soon as possible as he misses you so much. Your old man is a very cold man darling, but you’ve turn him into a romantic man. And I love it.

On our early wedding, your father and I still struggle to make a better future for you, my dear Munckin. We love you so much and we couldn’t wait to see you. Doctor said that your due date is on June 2015. We’re sure that its gonna be an awesome year, as I believe that 2014 was also amazing as it’s the year that I got married to your old man, and got you.

These are one of the first note that I’m writing to you, to show you how much we love you. As days goes by, and your getting older – these are remininse of our love to you my dear Munckin. May you always be happy, stronger, and briliant.

November 23, 2014

Love Mommy


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