Over the Promenade

Hi! It’s me again! Today I wrote this post in my new place in Jakarta, yes I have moved in to Jakarta. This is me and my whole new life. I’m just recently got married and got a new job – the dynamic changes that astonished me, even now I still feel like living in a dream. Is this really happening?

I found the man that I’m in love for almost 8 years slept next to me in the morning, I rolled my eyes and tried to wake up – I’m not dreaming! He was there sleeping sound with a smile on his face. I rolled over; I was on his comfy and warm arms, kissed his cheeks and lips: tender and real. Um, wait, why do I have to write these disturbing details? Well, my husband is now on site already, he is now working for another 4 weeks – hence the weird details. Hahahah!

It didn’t affect me so much when we were still dating, but now I cried my eyes out when he was away for work. I cried at day one, and felt so lonely. Maybe because I was new at this city, I barely know anyone and my husband is my only one who I can talk to. And now when he is away – I felt so lonely. Did I mention too much lonely word? Yes, indeed I am lonely.

But still I am blessed with everything that I got now. I got loving man, a family man and a steady job. I can’t ask for more. After long struggle to get this job, I finally got that phone call that I always dreamt for. It was on a beautiful Friday, I got that offering call and I was so head over heels. Finally, all my efforts paid off! FYI, I was trying to get this job from the beginning of this year. It’s indeed a prestigious company with super cool position and I can’t believe that I got this.

The saddest part was saying goodbye to my beloved friends and Jogjakarta. They are my family in Jogjakarta, more than friends, and really best friends in happiness and sadness. But I have to move forward and here I am. Tomorrow will be awesome, but I know that I have to struggle more in this city. Wish me luck!


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