True Love


There are many times I’d like to post something in this blog, I know its been such a long time since the last time I write to this blog. I used to have that passion – to write everything and became the travel writer. Luckily my job enables me to travel around the world, but unfortunately I got too swamped and left me with no energies and ideas to write.

Last year I managed to go to Amsterdam and Paris, and several ultra dazzling destinations in Indonesia. I always dream about to go to Netherlands, and to feel the vibrant city of Amsterdam. Well, I got that precious chance last year. My office gave me assignment to audit our office in Amsterdam. Actually, I had to go to Amsterdam with one of the auditor staff – but turned out at last minutes (it was really last minutes, I was about to board the plane to Jakarta) the auditor told me that he’s unable to go to Amsterdam. So there, I flew by myself to Amsterdam.

The journey went amazing! The first time I landed on Amsterdam – I couldn’t believe myself!. Are these beautiful – enchanting – amazing scenery before my eyes just decoys? I shook my head and convinced that I’m really on this beautiful country. Finally I made this far! The longest flight, the toughest efforts, and I did that my myself! I managed to nail every checklist and managed to explore the vibrant city of Amsterdam by myself.




And Paris was another magnificent story.  That moment when I saw the Eiffel Tower for the first time I felt in love. I always like city landmarks like Tokyo Tower, and Monumen Nasional in Jakarta but this Eiffel Tower is just magnificent standing beautifully. Although I didn’t get much time to strolling around the Eiffel – I managed to go to Versailles. When my plane took off from Charles de Gaulle Airport, I promised myself that someday I have to come back to this dazzling blinding city but for leisure.


Another important announcement to make is finally I’m getting married! As I have predicted previously, there are no romantic cliche candle light dinner flowers, no no no no. BK only said “Lets get married!” – as simple as that and I couldn’t believed I was so heed over heels. He’s no romantic boyfriend material, but he always there for me for the last 7 years. We’ve been together through thunder storms, hurricane, shimmering rainbow and we managed it together.

We’re planning to get married on August 21, 2014 – its still three months to go, and to hear “Now I pronounce you as Man and Wife”. Bismillah. I hope we’ll make it through. Cheers!


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