Hello Rainy Season!

Ah now its official rainy season in Jogjakarta, and I really love it because the weather gets cold and its really comfortable wearing pajamas while sipping hot chocolate. Those are the me-time routine and I’m doing it quite often lately as I think I owe myself bunch of quality me-time for myself for working so hard lately. The downside of rainy season is the cold and melancholic side of it. With long distance relationship and sad songs, I’m getting melancholic now. Ah, how I miss those strong arm to hold and the warm hands. I really wish to get another job in Jakarta that enable me to see my fiancee soon to be husband. I know its sound silly to gamble my career just to see my fiancee everyday, but honestly I’m getting tired of being a single fighter.

The needing of life companion is getting stronger for me lately. I never thought that I’m going through this pace already, but now I hate to come home and find nobody but me in my empty room. Sound so melancholic? Yes, indeed I am. I hate to do everything just by myself: eating, watching movies, sleeping and waking up alone. I think I had enough and can’t wait for another pace of my life. Hopefully it will be soon enough. Wish me luck! Cheerio!


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