Addiction of Flying

ImageGaruda Indonesia in Ngurah Rai Airport: Photo by Fitri H Pramudita



Hi there,

Greetings from sunny Jogjakarta, it’s really damn hot with 38 degree Celsius here and I wonder when the rainy season will eventually come to chill down. Ah speaking of rain, I suddenly get mellow melancholic—again. It’s been a very tough weeks for me with tons of assignments, but honestly I really like it. My job is getting so much interesting lately with the necessity to fly around to several magnificent places. Last week I had to fly to Bali and Lombok, and even if was just three days flying and running rampant—I’d say it was just great! Finally I’m returned to Bali and Lombok after years! Yay!

I was in Bali for serious meetings—and I mean really serious as we’re arranging a new flight route between Bali and Denpasar to boost more visitors especially from China. We have been witnessed positive trends from China outbound to Indonesia and now China visitors are in the second rank outranking Japan who is now at the third place. As China outbound growing positively, we are pitching more Chinese traveler to Indonesia, so we are now gearing up in conducting more cooperation with travel industry in attracting more visitors to Indonesia.

As my Boss had to fly to Lombok for another meeting, I had to replace him in ultra-serious meeting with expert of travel industries in Bali. I was so scared, as I’m just a junior staff with no more than three years experience and dealing with top gun in travel industries. I feel like the kid at the adult table. But my Boss had brief me and told me that I had to be able to take the big step if I want to develop myself. So with extra nervous at the beginning, I slowly regain my confidence and win the meeting. Yay!

I always fascinated with airplane and flying around, indeed I am. Even now I had been in tons of flight experiences, I always enjoy every minutes of it. Starting when the airplane taking off to the horizon, even it bumping around of the turbulence, and landed to the ground—I did enjoy every minutes of it. For me traveling is not just about where we are going, but how we enjoy the process itself. So yeah, I’m gonna enjoy every minutes of it. Ciao!


ImageWings Air landed in Lombok Praya International Airport. Photo by Fitri H Pramudita


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