Put A Ring on It!

Hey, I just bought myself a beautiful big-rock-ring (my colleagues said that its too sparkling for daily use)–but I don’t care. I basically like the biggest rock, and even better it create radiance spark so I really like it. Honestly there is a sad story behind it.

Long time ago, I’ve asked my boyfriend to propose me with a big rock wedding engagement but he never did that. He’s obviously not a romantic boyfriend, and in fact he’s obviously a straight forward person so when he come up with wedding plan he just said ‘lets have a wedding in bla bla bla, my plan is actually bla bla bla bla and no wedding engagement,  no romantic cliche with dinner and flowers, no such thing like that. It was all business and done we’ve signed the contract and agreed to get married. 

I know that my boyfriend loves me, even he didn’t give me the romantic dreams that I always dream about. In his opinion, being romantic is being able to stand by me, no matter what happened, and he prove that. Even with fucking 512 km distance between us, I can always reach him whenever I want it.

So it wasn’t shock me, if up to this day, he never get me the beautiful ring that I always dream about. Sad huh? Yep.

Then last night I took a picture of my new ring, and sent it to him–just want to show that I am actually able to buy myself a fancy ring–that he won’t buy. So my boyfriend called and said “baby, I just want to save the big ring for the big day, you know it has to mean something, like you baby”. Oh wow, that was really mind blowing and he win again, and I didn’t get the ring again! DAMN! But hey, he said that he’ll get me at my wedding day, so no need to worry, huh?  Cheers!


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