Up with the Birds

Might have to go, where they don’t know my name

float all over the world just to see her again,

but I won’t show or feel any pain even though all my armor might rust in the rain


A simple plot,

But I know one day good things are coming our way


You might notice that I put several posts about Coldplay’s song. Yes, you’re right. I’m the big fans of Coldplay, adore their music and worship their lyrics. This song, Up with the Birds is one of my favorite. It tells us that in bad days where the world is against as all, just believe that the misery will ends because good things are coming their way.

Speaking of bad day, well, my life is just too colorful lately with intrigue, politics, tears here and there, anger, ego and a bit of joy. My life is like rolling coaster now and I’m very exhausted but unfortunately there is no time to rest or just take a breath. But I appreciate any occasion in my life, whether its sweet or bitter, because I know good days are coming soon. 🙂



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