Travelling (Solo) in Guangzhou

Well, it may not as great as the title might be because first of, I am not entirely travelling alone in Guangzhou. I always have my business associates in Guangzhou accompanying me, because I’m in business trip. Yes, I have a great chance to visit Guangzhou because I have to inspect the representatives in Guangzhou, but this time is very special.

It’s kinda embarrassing to acknowledge that it’s the first time for me to travel abroad alone. I’ve been in several countries before but never been travelling solo especially to China a country with their own language and I barely know any single words of Chinese language. I know nothing about China except they have a great wall and Jacky Chen. I never imagine that I can travel to China. It was a blessing in disguise!

My office have prepared everything for me and that’s make this journey even simple. But it still took lots of courage for a home girl like me to travel abroad. I don’t even have much time to googled interesting places in Guangzhou because I have tons to prepare before going to Guangzhou and I don’t think I have much spare time since it’s a business trip. So I convince myself that everything will be okay. So there I flied alone to Guangzhou.

It took four hours direct flight to Guangzhou from Jakarta. The trip was great, it was a nice trip with excellent flight. I barely can close my eyes to sleep I was so excited!

above the sky

lunch in Garuda Indonesia

My first impression of Guangzhou is this city looks organize. Indeed even from above the sky, I looked down and saw Guangzhou really organized. When I landed in Baiyun International Airport or Canton Airport the immigration system ran so fast but the staff looks fierce. Maybe it’s a standard issue for any immigration staff to looks fierce.

My associate already stand by in Baiyun International Airport to pick me up and I’m glad they did so otherwise I’m gonna lost in the first shoot. Ahaha.

Baiyun International Airport

China Hotel–A home for a while for me

The event went smoothly succeed. We are all glad that the event finally done in success. And all nights of overtime, spending weekends at the office finally paid.

me at the event, it’s the fat girl who wear black blazer not the slim girl. well i hope i can be as slim as her! ahaha.

I have a little chance to strolling around Guangzhou for a while, my associates Judy, took me to Beijing Lu and Guangzhou International Wholesale for shopping. Yea, we are the girls who love shopping in our precious spare time. Beijing Lu was a great place; it was a shopping and food district. One incredible place where you can shop and eat at the same place!

Guangzhou International Wholesale is a paradise for shopping, indeed it is! This place was full with amazing things with cheap price. My money dramatically turns into zero after my visit to this place. But I’m not every day in Guangzhou so I spent it all! Ahaha.

Judy also took me to use subway in every visit in Guangzhou. It was amazing. I hope we can have subway system here in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta. For the most populated country in the world, surprisingly the traffic wasn’t as terrible as Jakarta! The government already controlled public transportation such as subway and public bus so that the people can travel easily!

Subway Ticket: small but efficient!

Once I heard somebody said that travelling will enrich your experience and respect your country even more. Travelling to Guangzhou indeed made me love my country even more. Here in Indonesia the people are very friendly. Indonesian people are keen on of their smile; they smile to everybody even to strangers. This warm hospitality made people stay longer in Indonesia. In Guangzhou, smile is an expensive to get. Even in hotel, I barely get warm hospitality which I guess every hotel staff must be friendly to greet the guest. But not here, all cold faces.

When my plane landed already in Jakarta, I learned that there are lots things to improve for solo traveler for me in the future. I have to learn to relax! Ahaha, I so worried about everything so I can’t be relaxed. If I can turn back times, I’m gonna told myself to relax and enjoy the journey.

China is a magnificent and attractive destination to visit even for solo traveler like me. Below are few tips to traveling solo in China:

  1. Print all the destinations in Chinese language. They might have their own name in Chinese language for instance the name of the hotel might be different in English and Chinese language. Therefore I print the name and address of the hotel, consulate, the office at Guangzhou and the exhibition place where we exhibit Indonesia in Chinese language. It’s important to have just in case I get lost and I can show taxi driver where to go.
  2. Bring tissue all the time. Well sorry Mother Nature, but it’s really necessary as sometimes they don’t provide tissue in toilets. Be prepare for the smell, because it can be so terrible, yuck!
  3. Traveling in subway is an alternative to explore Guangzhou if you happened to travel in budget travel. Do spare your time to study the map of subway so that you know where to stop and move to another line. Don’t worry the instruction is all written in English, so don’t worry to get lost except you don’t know English or Chinese.  They even have locket to change your money into coins so that you can buy from the vending machine.

The most precious experience that I learn during my visit to Guangzhou is that finally I know that I can do things that I doubt like travelling solo in China. For a home girl like me, indeed it took enormous courage to leave home and fly alone. I’m glad that I have a chance to visit Guangzhou, and I couldn’t wait to have another chance to visit China. I hope I can fill my passport with another visa. Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “Travelling (Solo) in Guangzhou

    • The hotel name is China Hotel by Marriott. The hotel room is clean and comfortable. The minor problem was just the lack of hospitality from the staff. But overall, it such a good hotel in Guangzhou. 🙂

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