Dream about You

Last night, in the middle of my absurd dream I saw somebody. Someone important and I miss his presence every single day. When he came, he smiled to me. God, I miss those smiles. I would treat anything that I have now, to see those smiles again.

He said “Happy Birthday” and smiled to me. I remember I said “thank you and sorry for all the stupid mistakes that I’ve done and problems that I’ve made”. He kept smiling and said “it’s okay”. And my dream moved to another sequence absurd dreams.

It’s been three years after he passed away, but I’m still miss him every day. No matter how far I go, I couldn’t find him anywhere. I’ve moved on but I still miss him.

And this morning, I felt so relieved because in that dream he forgives me. I’m sorry Dad, for being so childish, rude, arrogant, and stubborn. But I will always love you, forever.


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