Enjoy Jakarta

Now I visited Jakarta more frequent than any other city in Indonesia—clearly because my boyfriend lives in Jakarta now and sometimes I have to fly to Jakarta for business reason. Jakarta provides more than tons stories to share which it all creates the uniqueness of Jakarta like no other city in the world. I’ve heard stories about Jakarta from anybody—from the happy moments to heart breaking stories.

After several visits to Jakarta, I also experienced the nano-nano mixed experiences with Jakarta. Just yesterday, my boyfriend and I caught in a stupid mad fight with a local security just because they claimed we can’t parked our motorbike in their area. We didn’t know that we can’t parked there—but the local security was just greet us with their hostile hospitality and insulted us all. I was quite surprise but then I realize—it’s Jakarta.  But it is also in Jakarta that I found people are helpful to give us direction to anywhere!

My boyfriend and I are still newbie in Jakarta therefore we lost in getting place so many times. On the contrary, it can be fun because we found amazing places by accident. But when we are tried then we asked people for help and they are very helpful for us in telling direction. We didn’t use any GPS, maps, or even google maps but we managed our self in travelling around Jakarta.

I can say I’m now begin to enjoy Jakarta—not merely because my boyfriend lives in Jakarta, but these nano-nano mixed experiences helps me to slowly enjoy Jakarta. Now, I’m proud to announce that I can conquer and be able to travel solo in Jakarta. Just like the famous motto that every Indonesian now—if you can conquer Jakarta than you can live in any other city in Indonesia.  I just can’t wait to gain more miles in travelling Jakarta.


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