Can I See You in My Future?


I always know for quite sometimes that I might have LDR-type relationship with my boyfriend. Well, actually from the beginning of our relationship—I have strong feeling that we might have LDR someday. Considering his dynamic-and-aggressive mind of carrier and my ‘go with the flow’ type—the assumption came in my mind that we might have to undergo different path of carrier in different place. And crap it happened! And it happened so damn fast! Now I just have couple days together with my boyfriend in Jogjakarta before he has to move to Jakarta.

It all started when he’s accepted for the fast track carrier path offered by one of the respected company in Jakarta. He’s happy with that and so do I! I’m so happy because finally my boyfriend got what he deserves. Unlike the previous company that doesn’t pay attention to his extra effort.

But a little sad feeling jumped to my heart, realizing that now we are going through LDR, the Long Distance Relationship between Jogjakarta and Jakarta. Okay, there is always the plus and minus side for everything. We might have much more income and related impacts but less time to spent together. It might sound childish, but you know, money can’t replace that warm comfy place to snuggle right?

However, I need to see this from positive mind. If we’re able to make this, I think me and my boyfriend ready for the next step for our relationship. I did stated in our five year relationships anniversary that I wish to see us holding hands for the next couple years. I hope I can see him—holding my hands for another couple years. Amen.



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