What is Your Job?


It’s kinda difficult to answer this question. Not because I’m unemployed—but it’s always require long answer, and I’m not always in a good mood to describe my job especially to some random-stranger people. Let me show you why it’s kinda difficult to describe my job, because I don’t even know the term of my job. You know, it’s going to be a lot easier to have job like Policeman, Businessman, Civil Worker, Teacher, Researcher etc—because you can just say those words to describe your job and people will know it instantly. What about me? Believe me; I have this question hang-in my head since the day I worked here.

Some people recommend it to answer as NGO staff—but I’m not serving for NGO—it’s more into a company instead of NGO. It gets more absurd because technically I was hired for my company but works for Ministry of Tourism and Economy Creative (Kementrian Pariwisata dan Ekonomi Kreatif) as Coordinating Agency for Visit Indonesia Tourism Officer (VITO).

What is VITO?

Good question! VITO is National Tourism Organization (NTO) of the government of Indonesia perform as tourism representatives abroad. Currently we have 12 VITO representatives in 11 countries (there are two in China—in Beijing and Guangzhou). Specifically, I perform as PIC for East Asia VITO (Japan and China)—as I might have mention in previous post before.

It may sound simple—but the truth is kinda complicated. I have to maintain daily communication with VITO, make promotional material about Indonesia, tackle bad news about tourism in Indonesia and etc—much more like PR in tourism. So if there any bad news about Indonesia such as bombing, terrorism, earthquake—we have to work extra hard to find the real news, data, person—put it all together in reports and make press release. Just that? No, my job requires me to know every details of tourism in Indonesia—like where is Pulau Selayar, how to get there, the best time go there etc—and answer all those inquiries as soon as and as accurate as possible.

In some lucky day like today, I can do anything that I like (like blogging) because there isn’t much inquiry today. But sometimes–like every day, I have to work extra fast because of the workloads. Plus, I’m working in another project for the upcoming World Culture Forum—an international forum for culture in Indonesia in 2013 and perform as unofficial secretary for my boss. The real secretary actually being hijacked to work in Jakarta office for awhile therefore I have to do her job—it’s not too difficult I guess—but it means more things to handle and to do.

Nah, it requires long answer to describe my job isn’t it? So now you know, it’s kinda difficult to describe my job shortly to the people, what exactly that I do. The shortest way to answer is Staff for Deputy Minister of Culture (the CEO of my company–she was just appointed as Deputy Minister of Culture). Or in the bad mood, I’m just gonna say “something absurd” and left the conversation.


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