I Hate to Miss You on Such This Day

“Somewhere, someone still in his office, sitting in his desk. Not working but thinking of you”


A friend of mine was just post this status on his Facebook—and it suddenly stopped my rush-activities-to-accomplish-all-the-assignments. I was shocked. Well, it’s not me the subject of his status, but I was just amazed by him. It was so romantic! Indeed. I wish its my boyfriend who wrote that status. But that’s impossible. *sigh*

I begin to realize, that I have the same feeling. Today, in this sitty-busy-till-crazy day, I miss my boyfriend but unfortunately caught in stupid fight with him. I hate, really hate fighting on such busy day like today. It ruins my mood, sinking my energy to finish all the assignments. But I miss him—but I hate the fact that he might not miss me—like the way I do.

Damn! This is what happened to five years relationship: losing all the attentions, fireworks, and energies. I don’t need those flowers or romantic poems to justify his love. All I need that he’ll always be there for me—it’s not literally presence but just to support me–whenever and if ever I need him.

Oh God, I’m too tired to fight now. I’ll let it pass and wait for his reactions. Hope that it’ll fill my expectations. Because somehow, deep inside my heart, I’m still counting on that Man, always.

“Somewhere, someone still in her office—struggling to finish her assignments—but her heart occupied to one person. That she misses her boyfriend and hopes he feel the same thing”


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