The Curse of Technology

No Phone Allowed!


Yesterday I went shopping with my friend. We were going to some garage sale and some amazing shops in my must-do-shopping-lists. At first I thought it is going to be fun and fabulous—as the other shopping experiences. With enormous expectation, I went away with my friend. The first shop was great, but she was busy with her Blackberry and leaves me alone in picking things. Ookay, maybe she had something urgent so she need to text a lot.

Then we moved to another shops, and I was so excited because there were tons of fashionable cloth and cheap! I couldn’t wait any more time to buy all of this stuff! But my friend was kept in the same moves: standing at the corner with her Blackberry. Being curious of what she was doing, I peep her Blackberry. She was just opened some social network! Suddenly my ‘impulsive mood to buy the whole things’ just gone—out of the window!

It was so unbelievable, but I was just lost my apatite to shop. It wasn’t because the things, in fact there were tons of fabulous things to buy but my friend was just busy with her Blackberry. There is nothing wrong with Blackberry or the other activities related to this smart phone. But oh so please, just don’t neglect people around you! Seriously! It felt like I went shopping alone.  But hello, she was just there standing at the corner, busy with her phone, and didn’t reply my chat. Oh gosh, I’d rather to shop alone!

It may sound childish but I think I have a point here. You shouldn’t treat your friend or people like that! When you have conversation with somebody, please just put your phone aside— at least for a while and jump to the conversation, instead of keeping your eyes on phone. That’s the way you respect people who talked to you. And the people will respect you, in turn! If you are really busy with your smart phone or happened to have urgent things, just tell the people that you are busy and they’ll leave you alone with your phone.

Having technology to connect with thousands people in one click is super cool, I do admit it. But doesn’t mean that you have to leave you ‘real world’. Cheers!



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