Dying for the Me-Time

I’ve been passed several days in the same mood: flat, bored, broke and more tears here and there. I’m having hard times so many times until my heart couldn’t take it anymore. I’m having so many responsibilities, too many things to handle, too much problems to solve. I wish I had one day off from nobody with me. I’m just tried running rampant through everything. Maybe it’s time for me to take a break, and pack my thingies to the happiness bliss of me-time. Enjoying the absolute and premium me time.

I don’t know, but maybe I’ll go to the beach, scream out loud and let myself buried in the beautiful white sands and blue ocean water. And that would be me and my self, with no other to disturb or anything to handle. I’ll let my phone, email and laptop shut down for a day. It’s a day for me only! And I think that would be lovely.

Even if I couldn’t get myself to that lovely beach, a perfect me time alone in my dorm would be enough. I’m going to have a long bubble bath with head to toe treatment. I’m going to spend the day with nothing but laughing at my favorite dramas: the Devil Wears Prada, the Incredible and Megamind. And I owe myself bunch of chips and tons of ice creams (all the diet things are out to window :D). I’m going to end the day sleeping with my lovely pajamas with a big smile on my face. Ah, I wish I could have that one lovely me time!

I think that’s going to be a perfect healing for me, or for anybody who just got zillions of problems, stressful jobs, and dysfunctional relationships. You see, if we just let our self in those stressful zones without any refreshment that would result in no change even more problematic things to handle. A me time would be a perfect and splendid escape from all your problems. We are somehow deserved for this treatment. You should have that one! You should do all the things that comfortable and fun. It won’t be for nobody but you! Then let the magic begins. It’ll refresh your body and mind.

As I’m writing this blog, I’m chained to my desk and got sad coz I haven’t get any time to do me-time. I’ve been waiting for so long for that premium me time, that unfortunately I couldn’t afford yet. Hopefully I can get that pretty soon.


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