Fauzia Laksmita Harjadi

That was supposed to be my name, not Fitri Hapsari Pramudita Harjadi. It’s kind of awkward because I just know that after Daddy passed away. I never knew that before! That name was appearing accidentally because my sister opened Daddy’s old stuff, couple days ago. She discovered two names on Daddy’s poem book. One is suited for girl name, that is Fauzia Laksmita Harjadi, and the other apparently for boy name “Nung Kusumo Adji”. At that moment, we thought that was somebody’s name or whatever-so-not-important. But it suddenly became interesting when My Mum jump in our conversation, saying “oh that was supposed to be your name”.


So here is the story,

My Dad made those couple names after Mummy said yes to his proposal. Daddy was exciting because his love of life finally agree to tie the knots—spent the rest of her life with him. So he plants everything. Include his-soon-to-be-children names. Then he writes down those names on his poem book. Days goes by, and they got busy with everything—marriage, works, socialize, bla bla..bllaaa… and when finally Mummy got pregnant (me, obviously!), he forget the names. And just then, the “Fauzia Laksmita Harjadi” has already replaced by “Fitri Hapsari Pramudita”.


I cant imagine if my parents really gave me that name. There would be no Fitri Hapsari Pramudita, no Pipit, no Pipio, no Pipis (ahahahahaha.. grrrr….). I wonder what my nicknames would be.





what do ya think? 🙂


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