Driving Happily, When?

A friend of mine told me about how happy she is when driving her car. But I don’t get the same feeling; in fact I am scared to drive. Well, it’s not about the skill actually, I consider my self as a good driver. I have passed more than 10.000 km with my lovely car over cities, villages, and mountains (well okay, hills..hahahaha..) plus any conditions. But I just don’t get the happy feeling, the same feeling as my friend. She told me that she is having a great time during driving her car. When she get upset, she is going to drive. When she gets nothing to do, she drives. When she finds her self in absurd feeling, she drives. Everywhere!

I am the opposite of her. When I get sad, yes I’m going to go somewhere but I won’t drive my car. Absolutely won’t drive my car. Why? Plus it has nothing to do with the car. I know I have great car. My father won’t buy gross car. He has great taste in choosing car. Furthermore this car is the best car that he ever had. Daddy loves driving. Indeed he loves to drive in the same way as Schumacher. Very fast but carefully. That is why he falling love with Mitshubishi Gallant—the super fast car with 2000cc and strong. therefore, I named it Blizzard, because it is as powerful and fast as blizzard. And this is the same reason why I love my car. I love to drive fast, and my car satisfied me. However still I just don’t love to drive very often.

Well, maybe it’s true that I am scared to drive. I have two terrible moments that scared me much when driving. Once I have awful problem with my neighbor related car. They are the stupid neighbor. Actually I don’t want to be mean here, but really there is no more proper word to describe how stupid-idiot-moron-selfish-evil they are. Gosh, they are the real evil in the world, living in front of my house! It’s just a simple matter of little scratch that I incidentally made on their car. And I have the intention to apologize and offer them some money to repair the damage. Besides, it’s not a 100% of my mistake; they are the one who always parked their car in the middle of the street. Idiot! So they blow the issue like declaring war. They even yelled my mother as evil when she passed their house. It was terrible condition, right after my father passed away. It really showed me that the bad guys are really existed! So I get scared to drive, thank for them who blowing up this issue like hell.

But I am tried to survive. I always convince my self to drive safely. Yap, I get it. So I learn to drive more carefully and patiently. It’s going well; I am a good driver now. But I just get scared again. Right after a stupid man crushed his motor bike to my car. I was driving in my line when suddenly he bunked his motor bike to my car. Dammit! He left a little mark in my car, but that moment made me even scared to drive. What if there would be another careless moron who is going to do the same thing? No, thank you, just don’t. Please God, don’t let any moronic people do that.

In my vision the street is the same as the jungle, even worse. I feel burden on shoulder to drive, I scared what if something bad is going happened? So is that the reason why I always left my car in garage, and just drive it in some urgent things. I hope someday, I can drive happily. When? In the long run I hope.


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