I wanna have a Puppy!

Indeed, I wanna have a puppy. PUPPY! Yeah. I really, deeply, madly want to have a puppy. A cute gold or brown or white puppy. It can be Terrier or Golden Red River. I would love to named it Scubby –I don’t know what does it means but I just love the sound, Scubby, sounds cute isn’t it?—or Rocky.

I am sure we are going to be best friend forever. I am going to love it very-very-very much. We are going to play every time. It going to be my partner in doing sport, I can take it walk, as I manage my self to do sport in order to be slim. Ahahaha..


Well, I think I can’t have a puppy for these years. First of all, my mum hates pets. She hates any kind of pets. Therefore I cannot take my puppy to go home. Second of all, the owner of the dorm which I live currently prohibited all of us to have pets. So I can’t take my-beloved-soon-to-be-my-puppy to my dorm. Where would I take my puppy? Rian’s place? Hell NO.  He’s definitely can’t be rely on to raise any kind of pets. Our last pets was Marupit, he was a fish, a cute fish. But he died couple weeks after we bought him. Because he forgot to feed him.  See, I can count on him to raise my puppy! Beside that he hates dogs.

Hmmm… well, I think I can’t have puppy now, even though I really want to have a puppy. They are cute and they are the best friends ever. Maybe someday, yeaaaahh… Hope so!


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